What is Artificial Grass ?

Quite simply, Artificial Grass is a man-made product that uses blends of synthetic fibres that not only looks like grass, but also has a texture that feels amazing underfoot. Initially, synthetic turf broke into the market as the sports and leisure facilities recognised the potential for longevity of played on pitches, courts and grasses. Soon, followed the appeal of the domestic sector, where the general public and families were seeing the turf as a solution for low cost and no maintenance lawns. Now, more widespread than ever; artificial grass has become a very popular and elegant surface with appeal and desire to both commercial and industrial gardeners who are always on the lookout for a cost-effective lawn that requires little attention once installed.

Adventure Golf CourseModern technology is now increasing the durability and longevity of artificial grass by introducing ranges of turf that are more resistant to the ultraviolet rays from the sunshine. This is mainly due to undergoing testing of new chemical treatments that take place during the manufacturing process. Also, other benefits for the synthetic turf have been discovered during rigorous testing and now we are seeing more natural fibres, surfaces feeling less abrasive, as well as being more resistant to general wear and tear. Therefore, the quality of the synthetic grass being used has risen to a much higher standard.

When installed correctly, the finished surface will be a beautiful transformation with plenty of natural fibres and vibrant colours accentuating the detail. Being more versatile than ever before, artificial grass would be an ideal surface for many different scenarios. For example, in the sports and leisure industry: golf courses, putting greens, football pitches etc are already seeing the benefits. In the community sector: parks, adventure golf courses, holiday homes and complexes, as well as community gardens are welcoming the beautiful transformation to lush green artificial grass. Finally, in the domestic sector: lawns, rooftop terraces and pool surrounding areas are making the most of the trending and wonderful ideas of the transformation to synthetic turfs.