Crazy Golf

Investing in a Crazy Golf Course

High Field Adventure GolfOne of the most frequently enjoyed leisure pastimes of the British population is participating in a round or two of Crazy Golf with family and friends. The concept of Crazy Golf itself has been around since the early 1900’s and the experience of playing has changed little and remains unspoilt. With modern themes and innovating visions seeing Crazy Golf courses more popular than ever. The family fun factor and competitive nature of avid crazy golfers is still driving the success forward and creating a high demand for new courses all over the UK. Should you invest in a crazy golf course? If you can, then the answer has got to be yes. There are huge opportunities for increasing tourism and raising profits for future investors. Not to mention, putting your course on the map. Adventure Golf Solutions are based in the North East of England, but are available throughout the whole of the UK.

Where can I play Crazy Golf in the UK?

There are crazy golf hotspots all over the UK where families and friends can take on a round, with hours of fun included. Most seaside towns in Britain have more than one crazy golf course available to play and larger towns even more. For example, Blackpool has a staggering 16 individual crazy golf courses, each of which is different and unique. Farm attractions and natural beauty spots are rising to the demand for crazy golf courses to boost tourism and increase trade

Design and Installation of Crazy Golf in the UK

Adventure Golf Solutions are a professional team of experts with years of experience in the golfing design industry, no project is too small, and all builds are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to build the best and to ensure this provide you with a competent planning team to assist with every step of the process. Working closely with you throughout the build, Adventure Golf Solutions can be certain that you remain within budget and that the course is created within a professional timescale. After all, your design could be the next craze to sweep the nation!

What are the requirements for building a Crazy Golf Course?

You must obtain permission for use D2 of the Town and Country Planning Order 1987. This is the “Assembly and Leisure”, which includes both indoor and outdoor sports and recreation and therefore a crazy golf course. Apart from this necessary permit, all you would need to build your own crazy golf course would be the space in which to build it. An average 9-hole course could be built on as little as 10 square metres, less than this would be a very tight build and the course would be cramped. An 18-hole crazy golf course could take as little as 20 square metres or be as large as you require, depending on what land you own.

What are the costs for running a Crazy Golf Course?

Once the crazy golf course is planned, designed and built, the future outlay costs will maintenance and upkeep. These costs are minimal as low maintenance is one of the perks of creating a golfing course. The small running costs would be employment, clubs, ball and tees. Apart from these minor outgoings, the profits coming in could be more than you anticipated.

How long does it take to fit a Crazy Golf Course?

Once planned and designed, a good-sized crazy golf course could be scheduled for installation in a couple of weeks by our professional team. The installation itself can be a technical process requiring time and detail, but our experience within golf course installations has made our fitters quite adept and their ability to complete a job to perfection makes us one of the best in the industry.

Indoor Crazy Golf; Is it as good as the outdoor version?

With equal and opposite features, there are benefits to both indoor and outdoor crazy golf courses. A lot depends on the theme chosen and the reasons for having them inside or out. For example, if your build space is indoors, then a good theme and build could make this course just as exciting as an outdoor course. All outdoor courses built and installed by Adventure Golf Solutions are both water and weatherproof too, so we will work with what you have, whether it is indoors or out.

Feel free to contact our friendly sales team should you need any quotes or general advice on whether we can facilitate a Crazy golf course for you. Availability to your area should not be an issue as we plan, build and install across the whole of the UK.

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