Themed Adventure Golf

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Themed Adventure Golf

Themed Adventure Golf

Modern Adventure Golf Courses have so many possibilities nowadays, with new themes and concepts being designed and created to please the users. To stay one step ahead of the game you need to be creative, have plenty of imagination and drive. Current older themed courses can be tweaked, modernised and updated as your business grows and expands with the everchanging market of the leisure industry. Many Adventure Golf projects can be designed with plans in place for future growth and expansion. With our professional team of adventure golf course designers and fitters, all concepts and ideas are planned and built to work well.

Pirate Adventure Golf Courses

Still leading the way in themed golf, the Pirate Adventure Courses are just as popular as they were initially, with bigger and better ideas we are seeing the courses being improvised and improved regularly. Updating a themed course is quite simple as the groundwork is done, leaving you with options to tweak and update props and scenery. Pirate ships are becoming more popular than ever and now most Pirate themed golf courses have one. Also, with a rise in giant sea creatures and playable hazards, the course holes and greens are exciting and creating quite a buzz amongst the end users. Hence, golf course owners are seeing rising profits throughout the summer months with these themes.

Castle Adventure Golf Courses

Britain’s natural love of history and culture can be seen in the Castle themed golf courses, where knights and their mounts dominate the design. Towers with turrets and medieval archers are perfect as a backdrop, complimenting the theme perfectly. Fair maidens and regal lords and ladies can easily be incorporated into the design, contrasting amongst the vibrant greenery of the course. Old English castle styled courtyards make wonderful putting greens and the current ideas are astounding. Altogether, an exciting project that creates a nostalgic atmosphere on the golf course.

Outer Space Golf Courses

Of course, the futuristic fans will be pleased with the Outer Space themed golf courses. Crashed UFO’s would make a perfect centrepiece to this type of themed course, with the scope for all weird and wonderful psychedelic colours and aliens to support the theme. Designing this type of course comes from great imagination but could be realistic with the right team. Playable greens with other worldly creatures and galaxy themed props would be a space fans ideal course.

There are many more themes and dreams that could influence your concept of starting an adventure golf course. With Adventure Golf Solutions the possibilities are both endless, yet achievable. Contact us for a non-obligatory quote and see your golf course vision mature into an Adventure Golf Course to be proud of.